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I can help about the UK

Great! please chime in! How does a person obtain ostomy supplies in the UK?

In UK your GP that’s your family doctor, issues a prescription for whatever you need to one of the supply companies and then your order is delivered to you a few days later. Some doctors limit what you can get but most people get what they need. I receive 120 bags per month –

Are they the closed end pouches? That sounds like a lot…

Yes , closed end pouches and I use 3/4 a day. If i build up a stock over a few months then I dont normally order the next month so I probably have 10 orders per year.

We pay for our health service with a levy on our earnings but if you do not work you are still entitled to care and treatment. Everyone is treated the same. \If you want private healthcare you can get that which then gets you quicker treatment in some cases but you still have to pay the levy on your salary. I pay about £50 per month on a salary of £12000 per year.