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Steps for an Appliance Change

Gather all supplies you need (or may need).

1-2 towels A disposable bag. Some use the tan colored ones that sometimes come with the supplies.  Others use ziplock bags.  Sometimes I use a plastic grocery bag.It is just a matter of preference. Warm, wet washcloth, dry washcloth Wipes,  4×4 gauze, etc…whatever you find to work […]


By Kathy Ward, Admin Asst, UOAA July 2015

A lot of questions come in to me at National Office about leakage and how to apply a bag. For everyone it’s different. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for others. However, by the responses I received from callers, I can give you a few tips […]

Appliance Change

Submitted by Michelle Thorne Ostomy 2-1-1 Facebook Group

First I set up all my supplies in the order I will need them on my counter top in the bathroom. 4 packages of sensisure sting-free adhesive remover A stack of my 4×4 gauze wipes Bar of ivory soap Stoma powder One Sensisure sting-free barrier wipe Brava […]