Montreal, Canada & Ostonoma News, CA: UOAA Update March 2015

Some people in the medical and nursing professions are under the impression that people who have colostomies have very little difficulty in managing them, in comparison to people with ileostomies or ileal conduit. Very often a patient is told that in time, he can learn to train the bowel to evacuate once every 24 to 48 hours. This, they are told, can be achieved by either irrigation of the colon or by diet, and then all that is required is a dressing over the colostomy or a piece of colostomy equipment if more protection is desired.
While the above situation is true in a large number of cases, there are those who find it an impossibility to regulate the bowel no matter what method they try. These people often become discouraged, especially after hearing other colostomates report how well they manage with a minimum amount of care, with no problems at all.
Usually the person who had an irritable colon prior to surgery will experience problems post-op. Irrigations are recommended in these cases, to help regulate the colon. Persons in this category should consider being measured for a good appliance, one that will keep them clean, dry and odor free. This is a possible solution to this particular problem at the present time.
Note: There are some cases where a large amount of the colon and or ileum (small bowel) has been removed . In that case, a colostomy can act more like an ileostomy, therefore CANNOT be controlled. Best to check it out with your doctor.

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