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Oklahoma Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

This specific program is for the Uninsured and Low Income people
If you qualify, this screening is 100% FREE

It is targeted towards ages 50+, but if there is reason to believe you may be at a higher risk (ie family history, polyps, intestinal troubles, etc) you may qualify.
The testing will take place at one of 2 locations in the state – Oklahoma City or Tulsa, depending on which is closer to where you live.

Phone (888) 669-5934
They will take your basic information and have a Patient Navigator contact you for further processing
You will be directed on how to obtain your referral and get the appointment set up.
They will mail you a packet and a card that will get you in for the procedure.

Although this program covers the screening only, if there is needed treatment past the screening, we will know where we stand, and figure out what to do and where to go next.