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Becky Southerland – Ostomy 2-1-1 Advisory Board Member

Becky Southerland has been an IT professional for over thirty years.

For ten of those years, she worked for the University of Oklahoma – Health Sciences campus. She developed a strong admiration for the advancements in medicine that were happening there.

She has always had an intense love of learning and helping others.

Becky is involved in CCFA, the Oklahoma CCFA Leadership board, and participates in the Take Steps Walk.

She is an advocate for patients, and encourages fellow patients to become their own personal advocate for a better quality of life.

She believes strongly in raising awareness of this non-profit to help patients and their families get the information they need.

Her experience with project management, and the last 15 years working for energy companies has given her significant exposure to completing projects and getting involvement with the community to make improvements.

We are blessed and honored to have Becky, a fellow ostomate, on our advisory board.

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