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Submitted by Michelle Thorne
Ostomy 2-1-1 Facebook Group

  • First I set up all my supplies in the order I will need them on my counter top in the bathroom.
  • 4 packages of sensisure sting-free adhesive remover
  • A stack of my 4×4 gauze wipes
  • Bar of ivory soap
  • Stoma powder
  • One Sensisure sting-free barrier wipe
  • Brava 4.0 mm barrier ring
  • Precut coloplast sensura one piece drainable pouch

I stand at the sink with a bath towel tucked into my pants and my garbage can at my feet.

  1. One at a time, I tear the edge of a adhesive remover and squeeze it while letting it pour over my wafer, while I gently pull it off my skin (leave the wipe in the package for later). I repeat this until the wafer is off.
  2. I now pull the remover wipes out of the package and clean the area and base of stoma until its free of all residue.
  3. Use warm water and my 4×4 wipes with ivory soap on them to cleanse my skin and stoma.
  4. Hold a few layers of the towel up to my belly (where my pant line is) and use clean 4×4 gauze to gently squeeze water over the entire area, letting it run down to the folded up towel (so your pants don’t get soaked).
  5. Use several clean 4×4 gauze pads to pat the area completely dry – I even use one to fan the area to ensure dryness
  6. I apply a liberal amount of stoma powder all the way around the base of my stoma.
  7. Use one skin barrier wipe, tapping from the edge of powder to the outside of where the wafer will touch.  Note:  Adhesive will not stick to the powder, so make sure you get it covered with the skin barrier solution.
  8. I apply my barrier ring onto my wafer so that there is a 1/8 inch gap between the edge of the opening and the base of my stoma ( if it is too tight it will cause granulomas to form on the stoma)
  9. I apply firm pressure with my hands and lay down for a little while while applying pressure (the warmth from your hands will help secure the seal)

I hope this helps

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