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Appliance Change

Submitted by Michelle Thorne Ostomy 2-1-1 Facebook Group

First I set up all my supplies in the order I will need them on my counter top in the bathroom. 4 packages of sensisure sting-free adhesive remover A stack of my 4×4 gauze wipes Bar of ivory soap Stoma powder One Sensisure sting-free barrier wipe Brava […]


Edited By Bobby Brewer: UOAA Edits and Update March 2015 Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, and/or irritability are some of the symptoms of depression. It can be triggered by the inability to participate in normal daily pleasurable activities by a sense of helplessness and lack of control over your body. Medications, […]


Via GAOA Newsletter: UOAA Update March 2015 Diet: There are no eating restrictions as a result of Urostomy surgery. (If the kidneys have been severely impaired, your physician will monitor your protein and salt intake, but the functions of your kidneys are not affected by the surgery.) The urinary tract and digestive tract are separate. […]


Montreal, Canada & Ostonoma News, CA: UOAA Update March 2015

Some people in the medical and nursing professions are under the impression that people who have colostomies have very little difficulty in managing them, in comparison to people with ileostomies or ileal conduit. Very often a patient is told that in time, he can […]


By Terry Gallagher, UK (Edited & Excerpted): UOAA Update March 2015

In someone with a working colon, the colon is responsible for absorbing most of the water we drink and that is contained in our food. In addition, electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, essential to maintaining good health, are absorbed there. Removal or […]

Ileostomy Tips

Usually ileostomates experience hunger more often than other people. When this happens, they should drink fruit juice or water; eat soda crackers followed by a meal as soon as possible. If you do need to eat a snack at bedtime or during the day in order to ward off nausea, try to cut down on […]

Colostomy Tips

If you use just a pad instead of an appliance, use a little K-Y Jelly over the stoma to keep things soft and lubricated. If you irrigate, allowing too much water to enter the stoma too quickly may cause a sudden evacuation of waste, leaving much of the feces still in the colon, along with […]


Try strong-brewed tea before the purchase of a “diuretic.” Hot tea twice a day will wake up your sluggish kidneys. Juice vs. Gatorade: Tomato juice provides as much sodium and five times more potassium and is a low-cost alternative to Gatorade. Orange juice is another alternative providing the same amount of sodium and 15 times […]


Vitamins should be taken on a full stomach. Otherwise, they irritate the lining of the stomach and produce the sensation of hunger.

Walking Works

Don’t lie or sit about all day. Walking helps restore lost muscle tone, gets your circulation going and just generally perks you up. Get up and walk several times a day.

Posture Matters

When you return from the hospital, you will be feeling sore and uncomfortable. You may be anxious about the front of your body getting bumped, or self-conscious about the stoma which can lead to a habit of hunching over to “guard” that area. Try to focus on keeping your head up and your back straight.

Urine Salt Crystal Deposits

Urine salt crystal buildup around urinary stomas is one of the most difficult skin care problems for people with urostomies. Urine secretes a certain amount of salt, but whether the urine is acid or alkaline determines the amount secreted. An alkaline-based urine secretes more salt than an acid-based urine, thus, more salt-crystal build-up with alkaline […]

Preparing For Travel

1. Change your pouch 24 hours before departure to assure complete adherence.

2. Make a list of all supplies you use with their stock numbers. Take photocopies of the catalog that shows the products you use.

3. Call your manufacturer to obtain a list of suppliers in the area where you will be traveling.

4. […]